Justin Schmit Headed to Ice Wars

by Jake Johnson

Elmira N.Y.The 3rd Annual Ice Wars is set to be underway on July 15th. This year's competition will be held in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Our very own Justin “Bull “Schmit will be looking to wear the crown for the 2nd straight year. The event will showcase some of the toughest and roughest enforcers in North America as they compete for the top prize and the coveted title of “KING of the RINK”.

Schmit will be competing in the Heavyweight division of the third installment of Ice Wars. The Lefty was crowned last season and is looking to put the crown back on his head for year number 2. I got the chance to catch up with “Schmitty” on the weekend ahead. 

J- What is different about this year's training camp than last year?

S- Fighting at a higher weight than last year is a bit more difficult, I'm still doing the same things I always do, cardio, lifting, eating healthy and taking care of myself. But fighting the division up is going to be a little more difficult because we have guys that weigh 235 and over 300 pounds. 

J- Are you excited to be competing this year?

S- I am always excited to compete, no matter what it is. Ping pong, soccer, hockey, or fighting, I just love the level of competitiveness that comes in with fighting. Being out in Cheyenne with the other fighters will be a lot of fun and I am glad to bring my buddy (Matt) Lunger with me as we get set to fight it out.

J- What is it going to take to repeat as a champion?

S- It is not going to be an easy road that's for sure, but I just have to take each and every fight one at a time and work my hardest on the ice. I cannot wait to get out there to Wyoming and get started. 

Ice Wars III is Saturday, and the event starts at 9:00 EST.  ICE WARS III will also be live streamed and available on Pay-Per-View world-wide. Visit the website www.iwifights.com or you can contact us at info@iwifights.com. Ice Wars has also partnered with Live One and Brinx.TV to help bring the event to the comfort of your home.